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Disclamer: This only works for Apple TV's and IPads

This is supposing that the person installing the Apple TV already spoke to someone with admin login and created a user for the device. Plus having all the details about it on hand.

1) Start up the Apple TV or IPad

2) Start the App Store and Log in if needed (if you don't have credential ask the client to create an account and give you the details)

3) Search for 'sat ip tv' and download the App and start it (see screenshot)

4) First add a TV Server, click on “Add server address”. It can be any IP address it doesn't really matter.

5) Then add a M3U Channel Lsit, click on “Add M3U channel list”. Enter the URL the admin gave you, looks something like this; (please note that the last / is very very important)

6) Select the Server and the recently added channel list (channels should appears on the right side)

7) Scroll to the top with the track pad, and select 'Live TV', select a channel and you are done.

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