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Here's how to access MyPBX:


You can access it at:


Login Credentials

To login you need the following credentials:

  • username
  • extension
  • voicemail pin


The interface is divided into 3 categories:

  • DND Status
  • Forwarding
  • Contacts

DND Status

Here you can enable or disable your DND status of your phone. It will update automatically.


Here you can enable or disable your current forwarding rule by entering a number to which it should be forwarded and by clicking on the check box.


In this field you can configure your phone buttons with contacts.

Grayed out field are not editable, since they were configured on the MIXpbx device itself.

By providing a name in the first field and a number or extension in the second field, can you configure each button individually. Once updated, you should be able to use them immediately.

Finally you can log off by clicking on the Logout button at the bottom.


Anonymous Caller ID

Disabled: you show your phone number
Enabled: you call as anonymous, no number will be transmitted


Disabled: no voicemail is active
Enabled: your voicemail is enabled for internal an external calls
Internal only: your voicemail is enabled for internal calls
External only: your voicemail is enabled for external calls
Hangup: no voicemail active, the PBX will hangup automatically

Voice to e-mail

Enabled: the messages on your voicemail will be send to your email address
Disabled: no email will be send, your message is available under the phone number 898910


Enter your mail address, you receive your Voice to e-mail on it


When the Do Not Disturb mode is enabled on a phone, incoming calls do not ring

Voicemail Pin

you can change your voicemail PIN by entering the current PIN, the new Pin and confirming the new PIN. If new PIN and Confirm PIN match your PIN code will be updated

Single number reachability

A second number will ring at the same time than your extension


Enter the number of the external device

Ring delay

choose your delay, after the delay the number will be called to

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